Dr. med. Ina Steinmetz

Oncology and pelvic floor disorders are of special interest to me. During completion of OB/GYN residency both in Germany and in the USA as well as continuing my work as gynecologist and obstetrician in Germany I had a broad spectrum of additional experiences ranging from medical research about surgical therapy for malignant melanoma at Mount Zion Medical Center in San Francisco and for endometrial cancer at the Universität in Jena, research on microlaparoscopy technique for female sterilization at Forschung University Medical Center Tucson/Arizona, a Rutledge Fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston/Texas, a month as a guest resident to increase experience in urogynecology at the Mayo-Clinic in Scottsdale/Arizona to training in diagnostics (including ultrasound) and treatment of breast disease at Frauenklinik der Universität Jena.

I provide OB/Gyn care in English certified to the requirements of US medical residency.