Reproductive health issues – family planning and birth control in your unique situation:

  • Counseling about your options of birth control in context of your own plans, preferences and health issues
  • Prescription of birth control medication (e.g. “The pill”, patch, ring or injection)
  • Help to choose an alternative in medication or method if you had unwelcome side effects with your previous birth control measures
  • IUD placement, change or removal: copper, gold or hormon IUDs
  • When you have completed your family plans: counseling about and planning of irreversible birth control

Planning a pregnancy

  • Pre-conceptive counseling
  • Evaluation and treatment of risks for infertility
  • Preconceptive evaluation and treatment plan if you are at risk for adverse pregnancy outcome

Routine and high risk pregnancy care:

  • Prenatal care according to German “Mutterschaftsrichtlinien” and international standards
  • Testing for gestational diabetes
  • External fetal heart rate monitoring (if there is a reason to monitor the wellbeing of a fetus closely)
  • Screening ultrasound exams
  • Diagnostics und therapy for pregnancy complications, e.g. bleeding
  • Ultrasound exams for pregnancy complications, for instance cervical length monitoring if you have preterm contractions
  • Burnout prevention for pregnant women: rehabilitation and preventive measures

And following the delivery of your baby:

  • Everything back to normal? Routine postpartal health exam (4-8- weeks after a delivery)
  • Counseling for lactation and breast feeding problems
  • Bladder or bowel problems after delivery? Pelvic floor training and other therapy options